Kirill Purtov: diversified structure of investments raised the sustainability of Moscow during pandemic

Alighning with chosen standards, maintaining the volume of investments in various segments of city development are the key factors of Moscwow's sustainability during the global crisis, Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department for Economic Policy and Development Kirill Purtov said.

"The share of the city in the volume of attracted funds allocated for investments has never been lower than 30 percent, and every year we increase it. By that we show business that the city is going to continue its growth, continue to ivest money in infrastructure. This strategy allowed us to achieve significant results even during the hardest times. The total volume of investments In fixed capital now amounted to RUB 3,6 trillion. We managed to maintain positive dynamics in this regard even during last year. We have diversifed budget's structure and are not focused on any particular segments. This helps the city to be robust to fluctuations", - Kirill Purtov added during the Moscow Urban Forum.

Moscow pays much attention to investments structure: the volume of attracted funds into the intellectual property and intangible assets is growing. The integrity of the chosen approach is reflected in Moscow's good performance in international rankings. Moscow improved its positions in 23 rankings and occupied high positions in 4 out of 7 new rankings. These are the rankings, assesing technological progress of the cities, economic zones and etc. minister said.