Moscow Analytical Center


By order of Moscow Government N 214-RP of 24 April 2013 The Moscow Analytical Center was created in order to effectively assist the city in handling the socio-economic development tasks.

Moscow Analytical Center – affiliated entity of Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow.

Along that the two focus areas of the Center were determined:

  • Economic analysis and forecasting
  • Developing the integrated system of Moscow targeted investment programme

Regular monitoring system of Moscow’s socio-economic development launched.

Development of The Integrated Data Warehouse was started. The system is designed to make easier dealing with Moscow statistical data from various sources.

The division working on standardization of government procurement created.

The Center contributes to the transparency of government entities activity, as well as lowering the risks of human error and boosting the procurement procedures.

The Center starts to engage in the analysis of systemic issues of official statistical data.

The Center and Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow developed a methodology for forecasting the socio-economic development of Moscow.

The division working on analysis of large administrative data sets created.

The goal of this work is to extend governmental statistical data and shed new light on socio-economic processes.

The Integrated Data Warehouse proved itself as a unique storage of statistical data on Moscow and regions of Russian Federation. Access to data from open sources became available for all users.

Proposals have been developed to improve the methodology for calculating the balance of labor resources and assessing labor costs. The methodology approved by Rosstat and is used for compiling of the official statistical publications.

The Center started administrating the catalogue of stock keeping units (SKU) of the Supplier Portal of Moscow.

The Center contributes to transparency of government procurement of low volume.

The division working on analysis of Moscow’s positions in international rankings created.

The Center started working on raising credibility and relevance of statistical data and best practices used in international researches. This work is aimed at raising the attractiveness of Moscow for investors, business and citizens.

The Center started working on integration of quality management system and automatization of activities of city authorities of economic division of Moscow Government.

A system for regular monitoring of the state of the Moscow economy based on statistical and administrative data developed.

The method allows to monitor the main trends in economy and swiftly react on the changes of the dynamics of certain indicators.

A system for regular monitoring of the COVID-19 pandemic in Moscow, regions of Russian Federation, as well as other cities and countries created.

English version of The Integrated Data Warehouse launched; the system is included in top 100 projects of the “Strong Ideas for a New Time” forum.

The number of SKU in the catalogue of Supplier Portal exceeded 1 000 000. The platform becomes a full-scale marketplace for professionals.