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We study and forecast Russian capital’s economic development
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Foreign Currency Exchange Rate
How street names
in Moscow are chosen?
Week number
Moscow saved due to the examination of procurement prices
The labor market in the capital remains stable due to the development of industry, high-tech enterprises, and the creation of import-substituting industries.
Over 70% of Russians had a positive attitude to the issue of green bonds, and more than 80% of their holders are ready to buy such securities in the future.
We showcased the analytical and predictive capabilities of integrating official statistical data from the Russian Federation, Belarus, India, and Uzbekistan using platform solutions developed by the Analytical Center of Moscow in collaboration with Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.
This year's forum, held under the theme 'Eurasian Integration in a Multipolar World,' allowed us to effectively utilize the international stage and demonstrate Moscow's developed methodologies in this realm.
Elena Zarova
Expert, Moscow Analytical Center
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We analyze dynamic of Moscow positions in international rankings. We provide up-to-date information on the Russian capital to ranking institutions.
UN 2022
Local Online Service Index
In 2018, Moscow ranked 1st out of 40 world's metropolises in the UN Local Online Service which assesses the quality of public e-services in cities. In 2020 and 2022, Moscow ranked 6th out of 86 and 5th out of 193 cities respectively.
Agency for Strategic Initiatives 2023
Quality of Life Index
Moscow topped the Quality of Life Index 2023 which assesses the state of healthcare, education, housing, consumption, safety, etc. in Russian regions.