New tagging system on the supplier portal will make product search even more convenient

Users of the Moscow supplier portal now have the opportunity to add tags - special tags or keywords to specify the offer - when uploading a product item. The new option will increase the accuracy of search results and reduce the time of product selection from the portal catalog. This was reported in the complex of economic policy of the city of Moscow.

“When making an application for product placement it is enough to fill in the appropriate field - ‘Tags’. The process of creating tags is a constructor that adds another indicator - a word or word combination of up to 15 characters along with spaces - to the description of the product. The words can go in any order. No more than eight tags can be added to a single item. This approach allows to specify and facilitate the search, increases the relevance of the results and convenience of using the service", - noted in the press service of the complex. 

In particular, the tag may contain synonyms of the product name, category or scope of application, as well as the keyword of a consumer property, including dimensions or other parameters. At the same time, tags are not allowed to use the names of goods, suppliers or manufacturers, advertising and mentioning the price.

As noted in the capital's Department of Information Technology, the catalog of goods, works and services is one of the key tools of the portal of suppliers. To optimize it, new and existing digital services are regularly introduced and refined, including the use of artificial intelligence technologies.

“When filling out a new product card, the neural network determines the product category in a couple of seconds based on the uploaded image, finds matches between similar offers, and the smart search is able to recognize typos and transliteration. The tagging system based on keywords will allow entrepreneurs to unify the classification of their product units, simplify their search among other items, significantly increase the efficiency of work with the service, and for customers the issuance of suitable offers will be even more accurate and targeted", - said in the Department of Information Technology. 

The Supplier Portal was created in 2013 to automate small-scale procurement. Today, more than 57 thousand state and municipal customers work with it. The portal's product catalog has over 2.6 million unique items. Every day about 1.5 thousand contracts are concluded on the resource.

The technical development of the supplier portal is supervised by the Moscow Department of Information Technologies, the functional customer is the Moscow City Department for Competition Policy.

The use of digital technologies to improve the quality of life of citizens corresponds to the objectives of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” and the regional project of the city of Moscow “Digital Public Administration”. You can learn more about the national projects being implemented in the capital city here.