The Government of Moscow published Sustainable Development Report 2023

The Government of Moscow Sustainable Development Report 2023 covers major results of the Russian capital in recent years, and provides a comprehensive vision for its sustainable future. The Report can be of interest to the general public, as well as experts and practitioners in the field of urban development and city management. 

Moscow’s budget is sustainable

In terms of sustainability, Moscow is one of the world’s top-performing capitals with roughly 95% of its budget being in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable development priorities of the Moscow budget include:

  • Upgrading transport system, renovating housing stock, and city landscaping;

  • Building a modern and competitive economy, and quality urban environment;

  • Fostering digital transformation and ensuring technological sovereignty;

  • Supporting those in need through care and social protection, as well as modernizing public services, education, healthcare, sports and leisure infrastructure, and protecting the environment and cultural heritage.

Priorities for Moscow’s sustainable future

The Report sets out three main areas of focus to make sustainable development of Moscow futureproof. 

  • People

Ensuring public welfare is central to the work of the Government of Moscow. This dimension includes providing for both the basic human needs (health and safety) and personal development needs (opportunities for self-actualization at any age).

  • Economy

The city government in partnership with federal authorities and development institutions provides businesses with a broad range of investment and tax support instruments to create a sustainable, diversified and technology-based economy and high-paying jobs.

  • Environment

Moscow’s priority is balanced and polycentric urban development taking due account of people’s comfort, environmental friendliness and advanced creation of transport and utility infrastructure.

The Report is planned to be updated annually. Download the Report.