Moscow rises in Numbeo Safety, Pollution and Health Care rankings

Moscow has improved its position in the key city rankings of Numbeo, the largest online database created on the basis of voluntary assessments of visitors, said Vladimir Yefimov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations.

“Numbeo rankings are compiled by online voting of portal users and reflect people's opinion about living conditions in different cities and countries. Moscow successfully competes in the ranking with other megacities of the world. Since the release of the previous indices in July 2020, the Russian capital has become better perceived from the point of view of safety, ecology and health”, said the Deputy Mayor.

For example, in the Crime Index, Moscow has improved its position by 31 over six months, moving from 230 to 261 place (the least safe city takes the first place). Visitors to Numbeo noted a low crime rate in Moscow in general, a very low risk of being robbed, being subject to an armed attack, offended or faced with car theft. Moscow is considered safer than Berlin, Milan, New York, Dublin and a number of other western cities. The leaders in the ranking are Abu Dhabi, Doha and Taipei.

In the Pollution Index, Moscow has improved its position by 8, moving from 164 to 172 place (the first place is occupied by the most polluted city). The visitors assessed the level of air pollution as moderate, and gave a high appraisal of the quality of drinking water and its availability, as well as the quality of parks and green areas. From the point of view of ecology, the Russian capital is perceived better than Brussels, Los Angeles, Rome, and Istanbul. The leaders in the ranking are Stavanger (Norway), Helsinki and Wellington (New Zealand).

“For the first time in the past two years, Moscow has shown positive dynamics in the Health Care Index, in which it has risen by 6 position - from 191 to 185. The index assesses the overall quality of the healthcare system, the level of qualifications of medical personnel, the equipment of hospitals and clinics with equipment and other indicators related to medicine. Satisfaction with the promptness of the provision of medical services and the quality of research for six months moved from the average to a high level in the ranking, which is especially important during a pandemic. The Russian capital is ahead of such cities as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai in this ranking”, said Kirill Purtov, Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Moscow Department of Economic Policy and Development.

The Numbeo portal, founded by renowned IT specialist Mladen Adamovic more than 10 years ago, currently publishes 7 rankings based on the data from the users of the site. Online surveys of Numbeo visitors are carried out continuously, once every six months the results are recorded, after which the corresponding rankings are published. According to the Moscow Analytical Center, visitors to Numbeo rate more than 500 cities; Numbeo data is used to compile various integral city ratings, for example, IESE Cities in Motion and MORI Global Power City Index.