The level of unemployment in Moscow decreased by 23% in 2022

The number of jobless people decreased by 23% in 2022 and amounted to 28.1 thousand, as the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov announced.

«At the beginning of this year, Moscow reached the level of 28,1 thousand unemployed citizens - the lowest figure in the last few years. As for 1st of January of 2023 year the unemployment level reached 0,39%», - added the Deputy Mayor.
«In the employment bureau base there are approximately 400 thousand job offerings. The industrial sector is especially active: in the last year it set the trend for worker, engineering and technical professions», - said Aleksandra Aleksandrova, First Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Protection.

Despite the effect of sanctions and the exit of several foreign countries from Russian market, employment level in Moscow remains stable. Such situation is a result of balanced policy in the employment assistance, business support measures and active import substitution program.

According to the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow, in the previous year, the number of people hired in the computer and software development area exceeded the number of people fired by 24,700. Similarly, in the scientific research and development sector, the difference between the number of recruited employees and the number of dismissed ones was 10,700.

Citizens of the capital can receive assistance in finding employment through the largest government-operated recruitment agency, the Moscow Employment Service.