Hotels, IT and finance: where Moscow's young generation works

Every third employee in Moscow is younger than 35 years, said Vladimir Efimov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations.

“As of end of 2021 year, average share of young employees in all sectors of the capitals economy amounted to 35%. The highest amount of such employees worked in hotels and food service industry: around 53%. In the IT sector share of young specialists amounted to 48%, in finance and insurance sector – 43%, in trade and automotive services – 40%”, - said Deputy Mayor.

Almost every third employee in administrative services, construction, R&D and transportation services industries was 35 years old or younger. In the healthcare system there are around 25% young employees, in energy sector – 23%, water supply – 22% out of the total amount of staff size.

“In the leisure, culture and sport industry the average wages of young specialists is only 4% lower than average wages in the industry. In the real estate services wages of specialists younger than 35 years around 8% lower than average. 10% lower wages have young specialists in the healthcare system,” said Kirill Purtov, Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development.