Moscow Tops the List of Regional Competence Centers

Moscow has claimed the top spot in the ranking of regional competence centers (RCCs) for the implementation of the "Labor Productivity" national project in 2023. This announcement was made by Maria Bagreeva, Minister of the Moscow Government and Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development.

In addition to this achievement, RCC experts have trained over 3,100 employees from Moscow-based companies in lean production techniques and have certified 386 instructors. These certified instructors will play a crucial role in helping their respective enterprises apply the knowledge gained during the initial phase and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

The ranking of RCCs responsible for implementing the national project is compiled semi-annually by the Federal Competence Center. Moscow secured its position in this ranking for the first time after the first half of 2023, instantly claiming the top spot. The city reaffirmed its leadership position in the ranking for the entire previous year.

The ranking is based on the assessment of ten criteria, including the achievement of key project indicators, the level of expertise among professionals, and the organization of RCC activities. Furthermore, the results of the certification of regional centers are taken into account, which assess their compliance with the methodology standards of the "Labor Productivity" national project. The Moscow RCC successfully completed this procedure at the end of the previous year.

In total, 53 subjects of the Russian Federation are represented in the ranking for 2023.

The "Labor Productivity" national project is a government initiative aimed at supporting businesses by enabling them to increase production volumes and reduce production costs without additional expenditures. Moscow has been implementing this national project since the beginning of 2022. By the end of 2024, a total of 441 enterprises are expected to participate.

Since 2022, the Moscow Regional Competence Center (ANO "Mosstrategiya"), subordinate to the Department of Economic Policy and Development of the city, has been responsible for the project's implementation in the capital. Applications for participation can be submitted on the national project operator's website in Russia, specifying the region as the city of Moscow.