Alrosa switched to internal procurement expertise via a platform developed by the Analytical Center

Alrosa adopted the Expertiza platform developed by the Analytical Center of Moscow to assess its internal procurement. This system was presented by colleagues at a conference in Sochi and immediately attracted the interest of many companies in Russia's regions.

A company delegation consisting of Natalia Gusak, Head of the Price Control Department, and Gulnara Andreeva, Head of the Pricing and Price Control Department, came to the capital at the end of November to familiarize themselves with the principles of the electronic service. The guests were shown digital tools of the Analytical Center's expert unit. In particular, Elizaveta Tokareva, Head of the Department of Price Expertise in the sphere of transport, housing and communal services, insurance and banking services, told her colleagues about the application of the cost method, including the accounting of material resources, calculation of wages and depreciation charges, deciphering of related services and calculation of overheads and profits.

Galina Rachugina, Deputy Head of the Price Expert Review Coordination Department, demonstrated to Alrosa's representatives the algorithm of working with regulations governing the expert review, while Oleg Kolosov, Head of the Department of Digitalization of the Regulated Economy, Denis Natsykov, Deputy Head of the Department, and Alexei Gulyaev, Chief Expert, advised their colleagues on digital tools of the expert review.

The representatives of the diamond mining company were particularly interested in the Register of Contracts 2.1, which contains 19 million contracts, as well as a file recognition service with the ability to search for information on documents attached to an electronic contract. At the moment about 1.4 million contracts have already been recognized in the service.

As a result of meetings and consultations, 16 representatives of Alrosa gained access to the "Contracts Register 2.1" and "Recognition Service" of the Digital Platform "Expertiza" to use these tools in their work.