DEPD participated in the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai

A delegation of the Moscow Department of Economic Policy and Development headed by Maria Bagreeva, Minister of the Moscow City Government, presented the international rating "Climate Agenda of the World's Cities" at the UN Climate Change Conference held in the largest city of the UAE.

The study, prepared by the Department's specialists, was conducted in five key areas of the climate agenda: energy production and consumption, transportation system, green spaces and waste management system. The experience of 20 of the world's largest megacities was studied in its creation. Unlike similar projects, the DEPIR report emphasizes city data rather than country data. In addition, it analyzes not the volume of emissions, but specific areas of urban life that affect the climate.

In her speech, Maria Bagreeva noted that Moscow is one of the most sustainability-oriented megacities in the world, spending about 95% of program budget funds on maintaining a favorable environment. Among the important advantages of the capital, the Minister named vast green areas and active development of environmentally friendly public transportation, including metro and electric buses.

The forum was also attended by representatives of the Analytical Center of Moscow - Andrey Markianov, Deputy Director General, and Pavel Doronin, Head of the Rating Support Department.

The monitoring presented at the conference will be available for all cities of the world who want to join the assessment. Also in the future, a similar study is planned for the largest Russian cities.