The Analytical Center spoke about quality standards in public organizations

Within the framework of the international forum "World Quality Day - 2023" the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow (DEP&D) together with the Analytical Center (AC) held the Day of Quality in the Public Sector, which was attended by over 100 specialists. A plenary session was held, followed by thematic round tables dedicated to the development and implementation of national quality standards for authorities and public organizations.

Colleagues from DEP&R and AC also acted as key speakers. Within the framework of the plenary session, Zoya Viktorova, Deputy Head of the Department, spoke about the fundamental contribution of the Moscow City Government organizations to the development of a systematic approach and implementation of quality standards, with a special emphasis on the constant need for authorities to adapt to the changes taking place in the world, be it a pandemic or a period of sanctions pressure from outside.

At one of the thematic discussions Zoya Viktorova discussed with colleagues from various agencies, including Vladimir Usov, Head of the Department for Improvement of Management Systems and Processes of the Analytical Center, the prospects of introducing quality standards in the public sector.

Another round table discussion was held with participation of Deputy Director General of the Analytical Center Anastasia Karkotskaya, who touched upon the history of creation by the Analytical Center team of a corporate university of QMS for the needs of the entire Complex of Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations of the city, the total staff of which exceeds 7000 people.

At the end of the rich program of the Quality Day there was a presentation of certificates of conformity to ISO 9001:2015 to the organizations and a business game, which served as an excellent occasion for the unity of profile specialists.