The delegation of the Analytical Center spoke at the All-Russian Tariff Conference in Sochi

A joint delegation of the Department for Economic Policy and Development of Moscow and the Analytical Center took part in the All-Russian Tariff Conference organized by the Federal Antimonopoly Service. The event brought together representatives of regulated organizations, regulatory authorities of all levels and the industry community. 

Speaking to the conference participants, Dmitry Putin, Deputy Head of the Department for Economic Policy and Development, shared the capital's experience, thanks to which Moscow is confidently moving from a "catching up" to a "leading edge" mechanism of communal infrastructure development - when the development of the city's urban planning potential is of a comprehensive nature, and this requires ensuring clear coordination with plans for the development of engineering infrastructure and timely response to current and new needs of the city. 

"Moscow applies the full range of available tools for financing infrastructure development: these are investment programs and contracts for technological connection of consumers, the targeted investment program of the city of Moscow and infrastructure budget loans of DOM.RF. The total amount of planned investments in the city's utility infrastructure in 2023 exceeds 180 billion rubles," Dmitry Putin mentioned in his report.

Oleg Koloskov of the Analytical Center presented Moscow's experience in digitalization of tariff regulation at the conference. The information analytical system "Tariff" makes it possible to submit a tariff application remotely via the regulated organization's personal account at tarif.mos.ru

"We have already implemented the possibility to submit tariff applications in the following areas: water supply and wastewater disposal, heat supply and electricity. In the near future, the process of forming and approving investment programs in digital form will also be available to system users," said Oleg Koloskov, demonstrating the capabilities of the Tariff IAS to the audience. 

As part of one of the panel discussions, Zoya Viktorova, Deputy Head of the Department for Economic Policy and Development, paid special attention to management tools to improve the efficiency of tariff regulation processes, primarily related to corporate culture, staff motivation and training.  

Zoya Viktorova received a special award from the organizers of the event for her active contribution to the All-Russian Tariff Conference and the joint research conducted by the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow together with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and the National Research University Higher School of Economics. 

Speeches of the delegation representatives were well received by managers and specialists of the FAS of Russia, regional executive authorities, regulated organizations and expert community from different regions of the country. The guests of the conference actively reviewed handouts from the stand of the Analytical Center and the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow, and left their contacts for further interaction.