Delegation of the Analytical Center in Geneva

Doctor of Economics, Professor Elena Zarova, representing the expert team of the Analytical Center of Moscow, is taking part in the International Conference of Labor Statisticians held by the ILO (UN) in Swiss Geneva from October 11 to 20 this year. The delegation from Russia also includes representatives of the International Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The task of the conference, which celebrates its centennial this year, is to develop and approve international standards for labor statistics, including in the areas of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), estimation of informal employment, child labor and other areas.

One of the notable events was the announcement of the Handbook on Forms of Employment, developed in co-authorship with Elena Zarova.

In addition, the contribution of Russian research was noted as one of the fundamental ones in the development of the Statistical Manual of the Committee for the Promotion and Development of Cooperatives.