Analytical Center expert talks about demographic trends in Moscow

The Digital Business Hub hosted the conference «The Compass of Social Work. Vector – Professionalism», dedicated to the Day of Social Worker. At one of the plenary sessions, Anton Mikelevich, head of the Strategic Analysis Department of the Analytical Center of Moscow, made a speech. The expert shared the data about the current demographic situation in the capital as well as gave a forecast till 2040 in his report.

"Our capital is characterized by several trends which have a direct impact on the city's economy, its social sphere and labor market. The megacity's population is aging every year, which is increasing the disparity in age groups, reducing the number of working-age Moscow citizens and increasing the burden on the social sphere. Thus the average age of a Muscovite will reach 46.6 years by 2040, although it was not higher than 40 in 2005. The share of the economically active population will shrink by 1.9 percent. - to 55.4 percent. All this requires a more balanced socio-economic policy to prevent staff shortages and overloading of the social sphere," - explained in his speech, the analyst. 

Among the three main areas of long-term strategy the expert considered the involvement of idle labor resources in the city's economy, improving the quality of the labor force and promoting migration, especially of young promising personnel receiving education in Moscow.  

More detailed information on the demographic situation in the capital can be found in the Integrated Data Warehouse, where among tens of thousands of various indicators there is a whole section with statistics on fertility, marriage and other information on the structure and size of the population of Moscow and the country as a whole.