Participation of Moscow experts in the AICMS conference intensifies Russian-Indian cooperation

Bangalore Alliance International Conference in Mathematical Sciences, held on April 28-29, has become a platform for fruitful interaction between the scientific communities of Russia and India. The event was organized by Alliance University, one of the leading universities in the country, the Russian delegation was represented by an expert from The Moscow Analytical Center, Doctor of Economics, Professor Elena Zarova and Deputy General Director of The Center Ilya Zalmanov.

During the Plenary session, Elena Zarova presented her report on the development of forecasting methodology based on modern tools and approaches in data analytics.

«The study focuses on the effective methods of solving various problems, as well as the advantages of using traditional statistics in combination with machine learning in making economic forecasts. This symbiosis makes it possible to significantly speed up the data processing and improve the accuracy and objectivity of calculations. The development of such methods will help experts in assessing complex trends and processes by reducing labor costs», – Elena Zarova explained. 

Ilya Zalmanov presented solutions of The Moscow Analytical Center for using administrative data in analytics aimed at supporting managerial decision-making. The emphasis in the report was on the benefits of using modern data processing tools to introduce new indicators for assessing socio-economic development at the city level.

«Over the past few years, we have built a constructive and mutually beneficial dialogue with our Indian colleagues. The exchange of experience accumulated in the scientific community, mutual research and the use of advanced tools in data analysis will certainly contribute to closer cooperation and development of our countries. In addition, agreements were reached to support and expand scientific ties within the framework of joint projects and international conferences», – said Ilya Zalmanov, Deputy General Director of The Analytical Center.

The key speakers, in addition to Russian experts, were Pradeep G. Siddheshwar, Senior Professor of Mathematics, Centre for Mathematical needs at Christ University, Amitbikram Acharya – Senior Vice President of Analytics and Information Management at Citi Bank, and Steve Penneck – President of the International Statistical Institute.

AICMS-2023 was the third scientific event in Bangalore, to which representatives of The Moscow Analytical Center have been invited since 2022. The Indian side supports the holding of scientific conferences and other events that contribute to the development of international scientific cooperation between countries.