What Muscovites Purchase Online: We Calculated the Turnover of Online Trading for Three Quarters

The turnover of online trading increased by 14.4% in January-September 2022 compared to the same argument in 2021 and reached 700 million rubles.

The share of online sales reached 15.6% by October 2022 in total, increasing from the level of 12.5% one year ago. At the same time, the share of Russian online retailers in the market increased from 93% to 97% over the year.

Moscow residents spent the most money online on electronics – 129.4 billion rubles, or 18.5% of the total turnover, on furniture and household goods – 124.5 billion rubles (17.8%), on clothing and footwear – 97.7 billion rubles (14%).

Tools and gardening equipment turnover online grew the most – by 2.4 times. Sporting goods and accessories – by 1.5 times.

There was also a growth in the children's goods segment – by 28.8%, the clothing and footwear segment grew by 16.2% and digital and household appliances – by 15.8%.

The rapid growth of online trading has become one of the reasons for the decrease in mall traffic. The mall traffic has reached 270 people per day at one thousand square meters from January to September 2022. This figure is 8.1% less than in the same months last year and 26.5% less in the same period of 2019.

Generally, the decrease affected large malls (80 thousand square meters and more) the most. Their traffic has fallen by 14.3%, in medium malls – by 3%, in small malls – it has increased by 1.9% compared to last year. They had less damage because it is easier to find small space tenants.