More than 45% of young Russians named Moscow the best city in the country for young professionals

Moscow has become the most attractive city in the Russian Federation for study and career, every second young Russian wants to work and study in the capital. According to a survey by the Rabota.ru service, 46% of surveyed young Russians named Moscow the best city for young professionals. Career opportunities (68%) and high salaries (66%) are the most desirable for the respondents were. According to the respondents, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk also entered the top three cities.

More than 2.4 thousand users from all regions of the country aged 18-25 took part in the survey, young people could choose several preferred cities for moving. Among the important factors in determining these cities, the survey participants named the level of wages, availability of jobs, high standard of living, development of infrastructure, prospects for employment within a chosen specialty, environmental conditions, opportunities for leisure and sports, as well as quality of education..

“Moscow creates comfortable working environment and has long become a center of attraction for specialists from all over the country. In this way, in the pre-pandemic year of 2019, more than 1.55 million people arrived from other regions of the country worked in Moscow, and since 2011 this figure has grown by almost 1.5 times. During the pandemic, due to the restrictions introduced in the spring of 2020, the number of nonresident employees decreased to 1.44 million people, while a year later we see that the situation is gradually recovering," - said Kirill Purtov, Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development.

According to him, the main reasons for Moscow’s image as a center of interregional labor migration are the rich business life of the city, advanced infrastructure and proactive support of entrepreneurs from the city authorities.

“The offices of the largest Russian, foreign and transnational companies are concentrated in Moscow, private entrepreneurship is widely developed in almost all industries. Young entrepreneurs decided to start their own business can count on the city's informational and infrastructural support. For this purpose, we develop technoparks and business incubators, support innovations and scientific and technological development, provide assistance in fair and exhibition activities, including international ones, implement financial support programs in the form of subsidies, grants, compensations and benefits", Purtov emphasized.

He added that apart from opportunities for professional fulfilment, Moscow flourishes in every direction, establishing comfortable conditions for life in the city. The development of urban infrastructure and the creation of comfortable environment for city residents is among the priorities of Moscow's budget policy. For seven months of 2021, the program expenditures of the Moscow budget amounted for more than 1.67 trillion rubles, of which 330 billion rubles - for social support of Moscow residents, 282.9 billion rubles - for the development of the program "Metropolitan Health Care", 228 billion rubles - for the program "Metropolitan Education", 114.2 billion rubles - for the program "Housing, 35.4 billion rubles - for the program "Development of the Urban Environment", and 58.3 billion rubles - for the implementation of the program "Development of the Digital Environment and Innovations", concluded the Head of the Department.