Planning of the labor market: "old" occupations vs. "new" skills

The Moscow Analytical Center particpated in strategic session of the "Conceptual approaches to staffing the region - integrating the vision of the state, employers and trade unions", organized by the Moscow Department of Labour and Social Protection of Population. The event was attended by employers, representatives of trade unions, academic and expert communities. In the course of the strategic session, conceptual approaches to planning the needs of the Moscow labor market, strategies for retraining the unemployed citizens of various age categories and the implementation of workers' rights in the framework of new remote work formats were discussed.

"Planning the needs of the Moscow labor market is one of the elements that should be integrated into the overall system of strategic planning for the city's development. The already existing Moscow Investment Strategy to 2025, which outlines sectoral and territorial development priorities, is of great importance in this regard", - Analytical Center expert Anton Mikelevich.

According to preliminary data, the number of workers from Moscow aged 15 and over in 2020 amounted to 7.3 million people, of which 7.1 million people (or 97.4%) are employed. The employment structure of Moscow is traditionally dominated by trade, manufacturing, construction and services. Nevertheless, the share of such sectors as IT, communications and the sphere of services for business is growing, added the expert of the Analytical Center Yana Polyakova.