The cost of a romantic date on Valentines Day in Moscow is 2.5 times lower than in New York

In the ranking of the cost of a romantic date on St. Valentina, published by the Upgraded Points information resource, Moscow took 50th place among 120 largest cities in the world.

Moscow took 50th place in the ranking of cities for the cost of dating. The ranking, published by Upgraded Points for Valentine's Day, analyzes the cost of a three-course dinner for two, two prime theater tickets, two drinks at a bar, and transportation for a couple in 120 cities around the world, using cost-of-living data from Expatistan and Numbeo.

According to the rating, a romantic date in Moscow will cost an average of $ 230 (about 14.5 thousand rubles). Of this amount, $ 146 (about 9 thousand rubles) will be the cost of theater tickets, and you will have to spend $ 65 (about 4 thousand rubles) for dinner.

A traditional "romantic set" in Moscow will cost about the same amount as in Milan or Taipei ($ 228), Stockholm or Dubai ($ 225), Canberra or Dublin ($ 223).

“Moscow today is a modern metropolis with world-class theaters, restaurants and bars for all tastes, convenient transport infrastructure. All this will allow lovers to celebrate today's holiday in Moscow as beautifully and romantically as in other major cities of the world,” said Denis Tikhonov, Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Economic Policy and City Development.

The top five most expensive cities for dating included New York ($ 566), Boston and Zurich ($ 425), San Francisco ($ 423), San Diego ($ 409). The cheapest romantic day will cost for a couple in Alexandria ($ 64), Belgrade and Algeria ($ 70), Manila ($ 71) and Tunisia ($ 72).