UN: Local Online Service Index

Author: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Country: the USA
Frequency: once every 2 years
City selection principle: not mentioned
Type of data: survey
UN: Local Online Service Index
Moscow's position in the latest


General: City ranking is an integralpart of the E-Government Survey report, which also includes the country index for the development of electronic public services
Publicity of methodology: Partially
Sources: Cities are assessed by experts from 100 cities around the world, then a UN-appointed mediator checks the questionnaires in case there are discrepancies between the answers.
Groups of indicators: Technology (11 indicators), content (33 indicators), services (25 indicators), user engagement (11 indicators)

Moscow's position in the ranking

UN: Local Online Service Index
+/- 2 positions from Moscow
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5 bottom positions

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