EasyPark: Smart Cities Index

Author: EasyPark is a leading European company in the smart parking systems market and the author of the EasyPark Mobile Parking App
Country: Sweden
Frequency: once every 2 years
City selection principle: the most innovative cities
Type of data: statistics, index figures (own database)
EasyPark: Smart Cities Index
Moscow's position in the latest


General: 500 cities are analysed, the top 100 are published. The ranking is based on 24 indicators combined into eight groups, every indicator has from 1 to 10 points
Publicity of methodology: Yes
Sources: Rosstat, Speedtest, TomTom, OpenStreetMaps, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
Groups of indicators: Transport and mobility. Smart parking, car-sharing services, traffic, public transport, e-charge spots devices, infrastructure investment.
Sustainability. Energy consumption, smart buildings, recycling, environmental protection
Management. Citizen participation, digitalization of goverment, urban planning, education
Innovative economy. Business ecosystem, blockchain ecosystem
Digitalization. 4G LTE, Internet speed, Wi-Fi coverage, use of smartphones, cyber security
Standard of living. Average earnings, average price for fast food, food in a restaurant, house rent, public transport
Expert judgment. Journalists working in IT field and its application in urban planning
Cyber security. Based on the Global Cyber security Index

Moscow's position in the ranking

EasyPark: Smart Cities Index
+/- 2 positions from Moscow
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5 bottom positions

Digital transformation and IT

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