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Knight Frank: City Trifecta

Author:Knight Frank - the independent global property consultancy
Country: Great Britain
Frequency: not mentioned, first published in the Wealth Report 2021
City selection principle: 288 cities with more than than 10 deals or $75 million of transactions over the previous 12 months, with more than 150,000 households, with a population higher than 250,000, and employment of higher than 200,000 forecast in five years
Type of data: own statistics
Knight Frank: City Trifecta
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General:The index estimates innovation-led cities within 100 observable.
Publicity of methodology: Partially
Sources: Oxford Economics, Numbeo, Meet-up, Grid.ac, World RePORT, startupblink, Real Capital Analytics and The World Bank
Groups of indicators: quality of innovation; including the quality of academic research, the international repute of universities and the quality of life in the city to attract talent; innovation infrastructure; the quantum of different research organizations and groups; funding; biomedical research funding, motivation to innovate; grassroots motivation to innovate.

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Knight Frank: City Trifecta
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