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Oliver Wyman Forum: Global Cities` AI Readiness Index

Author: Oliver Wyman is a international consulting firm
Country: USA
Frequency: unknown
City selection principle: cities that are ready to develop and implement AI technologies
Type of data: statistics, data from other ratings
Oliver Wyman Forum: Global Cities` AI Readiness Index
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General information: extensive global research on 105 cities to better understand the potential disruption brought by AI. This readiness index divides cities into four cohorts based on size (population): Mega Cities (10+ million), Large Cities (5-10 Million), Medium Cities (3-5 Million), Small Cities (< 3 Million)

Transparency of methodology: yes

Sources: UN, OECD, World bank, Mercer, World economic forum

Groups of indicators: vision, priorities, and mindset. Does the city demonstrate a good understanding of the potential opportunities and risks around technology disruption and does it have a systematic and integrated plan meeting the challenges?

Activation. Are the city and its stakeholders well-positioned to carry out forward-looking plans, including the cross-stakeholder collaboration essential to governance?

Asset Base. Does the city have existing assets that will act as enablers to support enacting its vision? For example, does the city have a reservoir of talent in colleges and universities, an educated workforce, high-quality STEM education in primary and tertiary education, a track record for innovation and attracting pioneering companies, and the necessary infrastructure?

Trajectory and Development. Is the city trending in the right direction? In recent years, has the city seen itself improving its ability to execute, and have its assets become better aligned with what is needed to succeed in the future?

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Oliver Wyman Forum: Global Cities` AI Readiness Index
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