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fDi Intelligence and TNW: Tech Cities of the Future

Author: fDi Intelligence is a specialist division of Financial Times Ltd. providing industry leading insight and analysis on crossborder expansion for inward investment.TNW (The Next Web) is a special edition focused on new technology and innovation
Country: Great Britain
Frequency: unknown
City selection principle: European cities most attractive for investing in technologies, innovation and start-ups
Type of data: statistical indicators, some of them are from fDi Markets database
fDi Intelligence and TNW: Tech Cities of the Future
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General: Data is collected for 76 locations, under five categories. Top 25 are published. In addition, surveys are collected under a sixth category, FDI Strategy, for which there are 50 submissions.
Publicity of methodology: Partially
Sources: fDi Markets, World bank, World economic forum
Groups of indicators: Economic potential, innovation and attractiveness, FDI performance, cost effectiveness and start-up environment.

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fDi Intelligence and TNW: Tech Cities of the Future
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