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GaWC: The World According to GaWC

Author: A research network created in the Geography Department at Loughborough University
Country: UK
Frequency: biennially
City selection principle: presence of multinational companies offices
Type of data: Fortune`s statistics
GaWC: The World According to GaWC
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General: Authors monitor and analyse the dynamics of corporate globalisation between 175 companies in finance, accountancy, advertising, law, and management consultancy providing services in 707 cities around the world. To be included in the analysis a company should be from Fortune list and has 15 and more global offices in different countries.

Cities are categorise into three levels: alpha, beta and gamma. The authors note that the advantage of using categories is to avoid individual ranking of cities and provides only ordinal classes. At the same time, the authors rank cities within categories, although the positions in the final ranking are not indicated. The positions in the ranking on the Moscow Analytical Center's website are given for information only.
Publicity of methodology: No
Sources: Fortune

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GaWC: The World According to GaWC
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