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Z/Yen: Global Financial Centres Index

Author: Z/Yen is a commercial think tank for research and development into the finance and technology sectors
Country: UK
Frequency: twice per year
City selection principle: a centre is only given a rating and ranking if it receives more than 150 assessments from other centres within the previous 24 months in the online survey
Type of data: statistical indicators, other ratings, online survey
Z/Yen: Global Financial Centres Index
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General: The ranking is provided evaluations of competitiveness and rankings for the major financial centres around the world. It`s compiled using 138 instrumental factors. The instrumental factors are combined with assessments of financial centres provided by 8000+ respondents to the online questionnaire
Publicity of methodology: Partially
Sources: World Bank, UN, OECD, EIU, Transparency International
Groups of indicators:
The Business Environment. Economics statistics and information on the ease of doing business;
Reputational. Statistics on the quality and openness of life;
Infrastructure. These focus on the physical attributes of centres such as telecommunications, real-estate and transport;
Human Capital. These include data on education, employment, crime, corruption and health;
Financial Services. Data on the state of financial service development and the value of trade and commerce

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Z/Yen: Global Financial Centres Index
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