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LaSalle Investment Management: E-REGI Index

Author: LaSalle Investment Management is a leading real estate investment management firm. It is an independent subsidiary of Jones Lang LaSalle
Country: USA
Frequency: annual
City selection principle: analysis includes nearly 300 regions across 32 European countries, covering a total population of more than 740 million. A subset of 100 major cities (metropolitan areas with ≥500,000 inhabitants and all national capitals) feature in the E-REGI Ranking
Type of data: statistical indicators, other ratings, statistics (Oxford Economics)
LaSalle Investment Management: E-REGI Index
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General: The E-REGI index identifies the European cities with the best economic growth prospects
Publicity of methodology: Partially
Sources: Oxford Economics, Eurostat, OECD
Groups of indicators: The E-REGI index attaches a score to each region in Europe based on its medium-term economic growth prospects, its level of wealth and the quality of the business environment, relative to the European average.
Growth. LaSalle Human Capital Index, Service Employment, GDP;
Wealth. GDP per Capita;
Business Environment. Political Stability, Sovereign Default and Trade Credit Risk, Inclusion in EU/EFTA/EMU.

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LaSalle Investment Management: E-REGI Index
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