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Z/Yen: Smart Centres Index

Author: Z/Yen is a commercial think tank for research and development into the finance and technology sectors
Country: UK
Frequency: twice per year
City selection principle: a centre is only given a rating and ranking if it receives a minimum of 7 assessments from other centres within the previous 24 months in the online survey
Type of data: statistical indicators, other ratings, online survey
Z/Yen: Smart Centres Index
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General: The Smart Centres Index is an initiative to track the development of technology and financial centres across the world in their support for and readiness for new technology applications. Rating is compiled using 126 instrumental factors. The instrumental factors are combined with assessments of financial centres provided by 200+ respondents to the online questionnaire
Publicity of methodology: Partially
Sources: World Bank, UN, OECD, EIU, Transparency International
Groups of indicators:
Technology Factors. The legal status of smart technology use, the use of smart technology for the delivery of services, the maturity of e-government for identity and citizenship, the level of use of cryptocurrencies for payments and banking;
The Business Environment. Economics statistics and information on the ease of doing business;
Reputational. Statistics on the quality and openness of life;
Infrastructure. These focus on the physical attributes of centres such as telecommunications, real-estate and transport;
Human Capital. These include data on education, employment, crime, corruption and health;
Financial Services. Data on the state of financial service development and the value of trade and commerce

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Z/Yen: Smart Centres Index
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