Key indicators of social and economic development

Macroeconomic indicators

Business activity is the crucial indicator of the state of the city's economy. It consists of the information about companies' revenue, volumes of loans and investments. The section also includes the information about the number of small and medium enterprises, average staffing number in such companies. Moreover, the section includes data about the unemployment level and inflation, data on the ratio of exports and imports.
Entrepreneurial activity
Investment activity
Labour market
Registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs
External conditions

Indicators of industry and services

How the industry of Moscow works? What is happening in the construction business? What are the volumes of food and non-food trade as well as situation in the business service sector? And what about the real estate market? The detailed information on these topics is included In this section.
Trade and services rendered to population
Housing market
Business service

Indicators of social development

How many people are leaving in Moscow? How has the population of the capital and the country changed over the year? What is the cost of living in the city and how much have the incomes of citizens increased? In this section you will find the key demographic indicators as well as the data on the financial situation of Muscovites.
Population income