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Kearney: Global Cities Index

Author: Kearney is a global management consulting firm
Country: USA
Frequency: annual
City selection principle: global cities
Type of data: statistics
Kearney: Global Cities Index
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General information: The ranking asseses 29 indicators in 5 groups
Transparency of methodology: partially
Groups of indicators:
Business activities. Fortune 500, top global service firms, capital markets, air freight, sea freight, ICCA conferences, unicorn companies
Human capital. Foreign-born population, top universities, population with tertiary degree, international student population, number of international schools, medical universities
Information exchange. Access to TV news, news agency bureaus, broadband subscribers, freedom of expression, online presence
Cultural experience. Museums, visual and performing arts, sporting events, international travelers, culinary offerings, sister cities
Political engagement. Embassies and consulates, think tanks, international organizations, political conferences, local institutions with global reach

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Kearney: Global Cities Index
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