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QS Intelligence unit: QS Best Student Cities

Author: The QS Intelligence Unit provides expert analysis in the higher education world
Country: Great Britain
Frequency: annual
City selection principle: the city must have population over 250,000 and at least two universities represented in the latest QS World University Rankings
Type of data: statistics, other rankings, surveys
QS Intelligence unit: QS Best Student Cities
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General: Features 14 indicators divided into five equally weighted categories, as wll as students surveys about their experience of living in the city
Publicity of methodology: Yes
Sources: GaWC, MORI, EIU, TripAdvisor, Mercer
Groups of indicators: University ranking. Number of universities represented in QS World Universities ranking; total number of universities in the city
Student mix. Student population; international volume; tolerance & inclusion (based on Social Progress Index)
Desirability. It is based on Globalization and World Cities Index (GaWC), as well as Cities of Opportunity Index (PwC) and Global Power City Index (MORI), History&Culture List и Shopping List (TripAdvisor), City Momentum Index (Mastercard); security (Numbeo Crime Index); pollution (Numbeo Pollution Index); corruption (Corruption Perceptions Index); attractiveness for students
Employer activity. Domestic employer popularity; international employer popularity; youth employment (World Bank data)
Affordability. Tuition fees; Big Mac Index; IPad Index (Commsec); Mercer Cost of Living Ranking
Students` opinion. Assessment of student life in the city by categories: tolerance, cultural diversity, friendliness, transport and walking accessibility, nightlife, employment opportunities, art and culture, and the desire to stay in the city after graduation

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QS Intelligence unit: QS Best Student Cities
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