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Oliver Wyman Forum: Urban Mobility Readiness Index

Author: Oliver Wyman - management consulting firm
Country: the USA
Frequency: annual
City selection principle: large metropolitan areas such as Houston and more compact cities such as Stockholm and Bogota
Type of data: statistics, data from other rankings
Oliver Wyman Forum: Urban Mobility Readiness Index
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General: Comprehensive assessment of urban transport systems development, their strengths and weaknesses.
Publicity of methodology: Partially
Groups of indicators: System efficiency - controllable metrics, such as publictransport operating hours, public transportaffordability, public transport reliability, andtraffic management);Social impact - volatilemetrics, such as road safety, air quality,vehicle occupancy rates, car ownership rates,and traffic fluidity;Innovation - technology-related metrics, such as theconcentration of skilled workers andstartups, electric vehicle market share,and government investment in connected,autonomous vehicle technologies;Market attractiveness - market-driven metrics, such as international airport connectivity, multimodalapp maturity, and mobility sharingcompetitiveness and penetration; Infrastructure - staticmetrics that don’t change quickly or easily,such as the density of public transit stations,the walkability of a city, and the strength of acity’s multimodal networks.

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Oliver Wyman Forum: Urban Mobility Readiness Index
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