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Numbeo: Cost of Living Index

Author: Numbeo is a crowd-sourced online database, founded by Mladen Adamovic from Serbia
Country: Serbia
Frequency: twice per year
City selection principle: all cities that have received feedback from site users are added
Type of data: results of an online survey of site users, data collected manually
Numbeo: Cost of Living Index
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General: Site`s users evaluate the availability of consumer goods, rental housing and the purchasing power of the population. The Numbeo website hosts open surveys for each city. New York indicators are taken for 100%.
Publicity of methodology: Yes
Sources: User data, data collected manually
Groups of indicators: 1.Restaurants; 2. Markets; 3. Salaries and financing; 4. Transportation; 5. Utilities; 6. Sports and leisure; 7. Childcare; 8. Clothing and shoes; 9. Rent per month; 10. Buy Apartment price.

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Numbeo: Cost of Living Index
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