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fDi Intelligence: Global Cities of the Future

Author: fDi Intelligence is a specialist division of Financial Times Ltd. providing industry leading insight and analysis on crossborder expansion for inward investment
Country: UK
Frequency: once every two years
City selection principle: not mentioned
Type of data: statistics, other rankings, survey (fDi Strategy) and fDi Markets data

fDi Intelligence: Global Cities of the Future
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General information: the ranking is based on 84 statistical indicators and the assessment of fDi experts
Transparency of methodology: partially
Sources: World Bank, fDi Markets, Heritage Foundation, Transparency International
Groups of indicators:
- Economic potential. Population size and growth rate, macroeconomic indicators, FDI, scientific research
- Human capital and lifestyle. Socio-economic characteristics of the population, education, human development
- Cost effectiveness. Salary level, rent rate, incurred costs for business registration, transaction costs, taxes
- Communication and logistics. Internet connection speed, air traffic, maritime traffic, the number of transport companies per 100,000 inhabitants, indices (ICT Development, Logistics Performance, Networked Readiness, Environmental Performance, Liner Shipping Connectivity)
- Business environment. Number of high-tech companies, number of jobs (created by FDI), income tax rate, dismissal costs, speed of business registration, indices (Fragile States, Ease of Doing Business, Economic Freedom, Corruption Perception, Protecting Minority Investors Score, Country risk score)
- FDI attraction strategy (questionnaire). Representatives of the cities fill out questionnaires on FDI strategies that are evaluated by the team of experts

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fDi Intelligence: Global Cities of the Future
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