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fDi Intelligence: Global Cities of the Future

Author: fDi Intelligence is a specialist division of Financial Times Ltd. providing industry leading insight and analysis on crossborder expansion for inward investment
Country: Great Britain
Frequency: biennially
City selection principle: not mentioned
Type of data: statistics, other rankings, fDi Strategy survey and fDi Markets statistics
fDi Intelligence: Global Cities of the Future
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General: Aggregates 84 statistical indicators and fDi experts estimation
Publicity of methodology: Partially
Sources: World bank, fDi Markets, Heritage Foundation, Transparency International
Groups of indicators:
Economic Potential. Population indicators, macroeconomic indicators, foreign direct investment, scientific research
Human Capital and Lifestyle. Social and economic characteristics of population, education, Social Progress Index, Human Development Index
Cost Effectiveness. Average annual salary, annual rent, cost of establishing a business, operating costs, taxes
Connectivity. Upload and download speed, air and sea traffics, quality of overall infrastructure, quality of roads and rail infrastructure, (Logistics Performance Index, Networked Readiness Index, Environmental Performance Index)
Business Friendliness. Total number of companies withinthe hi-tech sector, number of jobs created by all inward FDI, corporation tax rate, firing costs, days taken to start a business, (Fragile States Index, Ease of Doing Business Index, Index of Economic Freedom, Corruption Perception Index, Protecting Minority Investors Score, Country risk score, Credit rating)
FDI Strategy surveys. In this category, locations submitted details about their strategy for promoting FDI, which was then scored by fDi’s judging panel.

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fDi Intelligence: Global Cities of the Future
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