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Eurocost International: Cost of living indices

Author: EuroCost International specializes in expatriation and conducts expat cost of living surveys. Those data are used by HR professionals to calculate their expat remuneration packages
Country: Luxembourg
Frequency: annual
City selection principle: unknown
Type of data: cost of goods and services
Eurocost International: Cost of living indices
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General: EuroCost International indices are based on a basket of 350 goods and services representative of an expatriate way of living
Publicity of methodology: No
Groups of indicators: The costs are divided into 11 main groups. Food, alcoholic beverages and tobacco, clothing and footwear, housing, household equipment, hygiene and health, transport, communication, recreation and culture, restaurant and hotels, miscellaneous
Indices cover all expenses of a household excluding rent, school and health costs, expenses generally considered apart by companies.

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Eurocost International: Cost of living indices
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Cost of living

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